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Sloansville, New York
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Stone Rose is more than a building or a place. Stone Rose evolved from a dream; the result of an aspiration of two young lovers, of humble means, striving for a good future. They soon married, started a family and embarked on their long journey.

Bliss and sorrow, birth and death intermingled throughout the years, however one constant remained ever present; to never let go of the dream.

A circa 1865 mansion was purchased and dismantled. For over a decade, the architectural material had lain in storage with the promise of someday rebuilding the larger part of its glory.

A separate farm auction was held in the countryside. For the first time the goal nearly slipped away. That day, the land was lost to a higher bidder. But when all seemed lost, fate intervened. The bidder forfeited. A second chance proved to be victorious.

Inherently, the family became the next stewards of the neglected farm that had long stood vacant at the end of a forgotten lane. The old, little farmhouse proudly stood obscured by rambling rose bushes and field stone walls. The contrast of the lovely roses, boldly existing along side the stalwart stone walls, created stunning imagery. There stood beauty, the stone and the rose.

It was now the beginning of a new era.

Slowly and painstakingly, but with much excitement, the grandeur of the old mansion was resurrected in the form of a new manse. The once forgotten land, reclaimed. The little house, spared. Over a span of many years, the dream, at long last, came to fruition. Trepidation had succumbed to optimism.

As no man is an island, neither is Stone Rose.
Beloved family and friends have contributed much to this grand ambition from the time of its inception and continue to do so to this day.

May it always open its doors to the weary traveler and provide an oasis of comfort to all who reside at one time or another in the dwelling built upon a dream.